Auto Detailing Services in Flint, MI


Ceramic Pro is unparalleled in the auto care industry. We’ve been here since ’88, and we guarantee your satisfaction with our services. We’re different from other car wash businesses because of our emphasis on cutting-edge techniques and quality assurance. Each Ceramic Pro coating is applied with care and precision using only the finest eco-friendly materials and cutting-edge technology. The end result is a protective coating that will keep your car looking like new for years to come. We’re not in the business of selling car repairs; we’re in the business of selling ourselves, which is why we won’t release a car to you until we’re satisfied with its appearance. Through our dedication to quality, we have set a new standard for auto detailing in Flint, MI.

Internal & External Car Detailing

If you want to keep your car looking great both inside and out, Ceramic Pro Tri County has you covered. We offer a wide range of services, from standard maintenance like cleaning and polishing to specialized care for more serious problems. In order to achieve such remarkable outcomes, our team of experts employs only the finest, environmentally friendly products and equipment. You can choose from several different packages that we provide. We can modify our services to fit your schedule and budget, whether you need a one-time clean or a regular maintenance schedule.

The Benefits of a Ceramic Coating

To put it simply, we are committed to the safety of your vehicle. As the leading nano-ceramic coating for paint protection, Ceramic Pro has set a new standard in the automotive industry. We stock a wide variety of products for any application, including Ceramic Pro 9H, the strongest paint protection available. Protect your car’s finish from environmental hazards like bug poop, sap from trees, dirt, and grit with this spray. Keeping your car looking like new for a long time will help keep its resale value high. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from our Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Sports Package.

Protective Film for Paint Surfaces

Paint protection film is a good investment if you frequently worry about rocks and other road debris scratching your car’s paint. Ceramic Pro Tric County only installs the highest quality paint protection film. Apply this thin, long-lasting film, also known as Clear Bra, to your car in the places where chips and scratches are most likely to occur. The film provides a protective layer between your car’s paint and the elements, extending the life of your car’s showroom shine. The Full Car Kit is a fantastic option for protecting your vehicle from head to toe. We are the experts at applying Ceramic Pro Kavaca Paint Protection Film, so let us take care of your car’s weak points. Additionally, we provide the following:

  • Partial Kit
  • Full Front Kit
  • Track Pack Kit

Our staff is here to assist you in selecting the appropriate kit for your needs!

Tinted Windows for Cars

Vehicle window tinting has many advantages, and Ceramic Pro provides some of the highest-quality tinting on the market. The additional 95% heat rejection will be helpful in keeping your car cool on hot days. To put it another way, this can help you enjoy your trip without breaking the bank on your air conditioning costs. Furthermore, the window tinting services offered by Ceramic Pro in Flint, MI, will shield you from the sun’s potentially cancer-causing ultraviolet rays. Window tinting is easy to find in my area, thanks to D&L Auto Detailing and Ceramic Pro Tri County.

Why Choose Ceramic Pros in Flint, MI?

Ceramic Pro is without question the top option when searching for a car detailing service in Flint, Michigan. In order to achieve such remarkable outcomes, our expert team uses only the highest quality materials and methods. Also, you can rest assured that you won’t be unhappy with the final product because we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Since your vehicle is a significant investment, we treat it with the care it deserves. We promise to treat your car with the care and attention it deserves from the first meeting to the final inspection. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with the end result.

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