Ultimate Armor



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Full Front PPF

Full Front Bumper / Full Hood / Full Fenders / Front Side Mirrors / Headlights and Fog Lights

Full Car Coating

Multiple Layers of Ceramic Pro Coatings on Paint and Plastics

Wheel Protection

2 Layers of Ceramic Pro Coating on Wheels

Glass Protection

1 Layer of Ceramic Pro Glass on all Glass Surfaces.
The ONLY Full Vehicle Appearance Package with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.




The Ceramic Pro Ultimate Armor Package represents the pinnacle of automotive surface protection. It’s a revolutionary full exterior protection package that includes the blend of KAVACA Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Pro’s iconic ceramic coatings.

The Paint Protection Film is a full-front installation that protects the high-strike areas of a car, truck, or SUV. This helps to protect the front of your vehicle from rock chips, road debris scratches, environmental toxins, and exposure to the elements. The remainder of the vehicle’s exterior is coated with Ceramic Pro nanotechnology coatings.

Ultimate Armor is the ONLY full vehicle appearance package backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY – documented on your vehicle’s Carfax Appearance Protection Service Reporting tool. It provides protection against rock chips, scratches, road debris, oxidation, staining, and fading.

The Ultimate Armor Package is ONLY Available and Warrantied by Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers.


What Does the Ultimate Armor Package Include?

The Ultimate Armor exterior protection package is customized for each customer’s vehicle. It begins with a full front installation of KAVACA Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film. The film is applied to high-strike areas on the vehicle, including the front bumper, hood, side-view mirrors, and more.

The PPF installation is intended to deflect small road debris, protect the factory finish from minor scratching, and reduce the potential of rock chips.

The Ultimate Armor package’s second step is applying Ceramic Pro’s coatings to other exterior surfaces. This ensures that the vehicle’s entire exterior is protected against exposure to UV rays, chemical contamination, natural toxins, and more.

Each Ultimate Armor package is customized for the owner’s specific vehicle. Your Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer will fully explain the installation process.

What is the Warranty for the Ultimate Armor Package?

Ultimate Armor is World’s First Complete Exterior Vehicle Protection Package backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty, documented on the vehicle’s Carfax Vehicle Service History Report.

The Ultimate Armor package includes a full-front installation of KAVACA Paint Protection Film followed by the installation of Ceramic Pro coatings on all painted surfaces, headlights, glass, wheel faces, and trim.

Where Can I Get the Ultimate Armor Package Installed?

The new Ultimate Armor package is exclusively offered through Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers across North and South America. Elite Dealers must pass a rigorous factory-training program to ensure expertise and precision installation of Ceramic Pro coatings and films.

The Ultimate Armor package requires expertise in a seamless and clean installation of PPF and Ceramic Pro coatings formulated for specific materials. Elite Dealers have the required training and expertise while providing a level of customer service that is complimentary to the quality of the Ceramic Pro brand.

What is A Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer?

A Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer represents the pinnacle of surface protection service. Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers provides an upscale, one-stop shop for professional detailing and aftermarket surface protection solutions. Each Elite Dealer showcases professionalism, expertise, and customer service never displayed in the aftermarket vehicle protection industry.

All Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers undergo a rigorous manufacturer training program, allowing them to prep, install, and maintain Ceramic Pro coatings and KAVACA Films with precision and attention to detail. This lets our customers enjoy a single-source solution, protecting their entire vehicle in a warm, inviting, and opulent atmosphere.

What are the Aftercare Instructions for Ultimate Armor Package?

The Ultimate Armor package is a blend of paint protection film and ceramic coatings. Ceramic Pro Americas recommends washing your vehicle every two weeks using Americana Global Vinyl & PPF Soap. This diverse car shampoo is pH neutral, is formulated with added foaming agents, and can be used in a foam cannon or traditional two-bucket car wash.

For those in water-restriction areas or who prefer to wash their vehicle in a garage or shop, Americana Global Rinseless Wash is another recommended maintenance wash product.

For spot cleaning or for in-between maintenance, Americana Global Detail Spray is recommended.


The Ultimate Protection For Your Vehicle
Available Only at Elite Dealer Locations
  • Full Front PPF & Vehicle Coating
  • Lifetime Warranty on All Exterior Surfaces: Paint, Wheels, & Glass
  • Protection Against: Rock Chips, Scratches, Road Debris, Oxidation, Staining, & Fading.
  • CARFAX Appearance Protection Service Reporting

The Ultimate Armor Package is the ONLY Full Vehicle Appearance Package with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Get a Lifetime Warranty on every exterior surface of your vehicle: Paint, Wheels & Glass.

The Ultimate Armor Package is ONLY Available and Warrantied at Elite Dealers.


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