Auto Detailing Services in Swartz Creek, MI


Ceramic Pro is unparalleled in the realm of car care. Since 1988, we have been in business and stand behind our work. Our commitment to quality and innovation sets us apart from other auto detailing businesses. From start to finish, each Ceramic Pro coating is applied with the highest quality, eco-friendly materials, and cutting-edge equipment. The final product is a durable coating that protects your car from the elements and makes it appear brand new. We do not sell services; rather, we sell ourselves, which is why we will not allow a vehicle to leave our shop until it is in perfect condition. By committing to excellence, we have raised the bar for car detailing services in Swartz Creek, Michigan.

Detailing Services for Cars

Ceramic Pro Tri County offers an array of interior and exterior auto detailing services to maintain the pristine condition of your vehicle. We offer services ranging from simple cleaning and polishing to more extensive treatments. Our team of seasoned professionals uses only high-quality, environmentally friendly products and equipment to achieve exceptional results. We also offer a variety of package options to accommodate your preferences and budget. Whether you require a one-time detail or an ongoing maintenance plan, we can customize a solution to meet your specifications.

Ceramic Coverage

Our goal is to safeguard your vehicle at all costs. Ceramic Pro is the premier nano-ceramic coating for paint protection and has raised the bar in the automotive industry for paint protection. We carry an extensive selection of products for all surfaces, including Ceramic Pro 9H, the most durable heavy-duty paint protection coating available. This product will shield your vehicle’s paint from minor abrasions, rock chips, insect acid, tree sap, and dirt. Additionally, it will help preserve the value of your vehicle by keeping it looking brand new for many years. We offer a Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Sports Package so that you can select the optimal plan.

Paint Protection Film

If you’ve ever worried about rocks or other debris damaging the paint on your vehicle, you should consider purchasing paint protection film. Ceramic Pro Tri County utilizes the highest quality paint protection film available. This thin, resilient film, also known as Clear Bra, is applied to the most susceptible areas of your vehicle to prevent chips and scratches. The film acts as a barrier between your automobile’s paint and the elements, preserving its appearance for many years. Consider the Full Car Kit to affordably protect your entire vehicle. We are experts at installing Ceramic Pro Kavaca Paint Protection Film, and we will do so on your vehicle’s vulnerable areas. Additionally, we offer the following services:

  • Frontal Kit 
  • Track Pack Kit 
  • Partial Kit

If you are unsure of which kit will best suit your needs, our staff is happy to assist you!

Protective Window Tinting for Cars

Window tinting has a variety of benefits, and Ceramic Pro offers some of the highest-quality tinting available. It will assist in keeping your vehicle cool on hot days by rejecting as much as 95% of heat. This will save you money on your air conditioning bill and make your trip more comfortable. Moreover, the window tinting services of Ceramic Pro in Swartz Creek, MI, will protect you from the sun’s UV rays. D&L Auto Detailing and Ceramic Pro Tri County offer the best window tinting in the area.

Why You Should Call Ceramic Pro in Swartz Creek, MI

Ceramic Pro is the clear-cut best auto detailing shop in Swartz Creek, Michigan. To achieve unrivaled results, our team of specialists employs only the highest quality materials and methods. In addition, we offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all of our work, ensuring that you will be pleased with the final product.

We recognize the significance of your vehicle, which is why we pay close attention to every detail. From the initial consultation to the final inspection, we will treat your vehicle as if it were our own. We want you to be pleased with the result, and we are confident that you will be!

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